Research, trade and hedging strategies across a range of asset classes

Sophisticated platform

Access to accurate, reliable valuation is essential to successful investment.

Our sophisticated analytical platform delivers uncorrelated, absolute returns by rigorously analyzing system liquidity. Navigate the ever-evolving investment universe with our robust analysis and valuation metrics. Act on what you know today, predict what might happen tomorrow and stay one step ahead of the market.

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API Integration

Unleash the power of data-driven investing.

Unlock the potential of ‘fair value’ investing across all asset classes with HedgeAnalytics. 

We provide a smooth integration process with your existing systems via API, along with three distinct service levels tailored to your specific requirements. With multiple delivery methods at your disposal, we bring you a solution that’s as flexible as it is powerful.


Unleash the power of information theory

Identify market ‘Fair Value’

Beyond simple correlation, capturing non-linear and dynamic relationships over multiple asset classes. The market is the message.

Compare ‘Fair Value’ for optimal portfolio construction

Allocate capital on current information content, maximizing alpha per unit of risk. All constituents contribute to portfolio Alpha.

Wide range of portfolio types: multi-asset, stocks, currencies, ‘Greeks’

Informed position sizing to capitalize on high-conviction trades and navigate periods of high uncertainty.

Index replication and hedging strategies.

Factor relations mean any comprehensive portfolio has some ability to replicate its constituents.

Unbiased and rigorous statistical analysis

Extensive back testing across a range of portfolios, market conditions and monetary ‘eras’ validates the strategy's effectiveness and risk profile.

Integrated with your systems through API

The key to business success now, and in the future, relies on embracing instant connectivity.

Unleash the power of data-driven investing.

Leverage our robust analytics, accurate valuations, and systematic strategies to drive your investment success.

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